Samuel Bornand


Magnetism . sound . energy

The vibrations of sounds and energies


Everything in life is vibration

Rocks balancing on driftwood, sea in background

Opening to our full energy


Find reliance within


Samuel Bornand

My journey has been strewn with varied and sometimes surprising paths and directions. It is not so much a linear path as a path with ramifications which, each in its own way, led me to energetic and spiritual practices.

Although open to the world of the sensitive since my childhood, it was during contacts with Indian cultures that I was able to encounter these spiritual practices which seemed to me so distant and so close at a time. I met people who step by step changed my vision and experience of this world.

During the same period I started to get trained with several magnetizers in Lyon. That training is still in course today and I bless all of them for trusting me and helping me in this journey of connection with the world beyond our sight.

Nourished by all these experiences and all these “flavors” I hope to participate to build a new outlook on oneself and on the world.


A little history…

According to Indian mythology the universe was formed by the original vibration, the sound “OM”

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Sound and vibrations have been used for a long time in healing practices with singing, playing instruments, considered “magical”. Music and sound have now become for many a mere distraction and we are no longer connected to its virtues. Yet we all feel its vibration and its effects if we pay attention to it.

We still find today people connected to the energies brought by sound. In India Vedic chants or prayers are sung to maintain order on earth and in the universe. In Tibet Tibetan bowls (also called singing bowls) are used during prayers and meditations, associated with chants of healing. Shamans also use the drum to connect with the invisible worlds. These are moments of presence to give and receive the highest energies of this world and beyond.