Sound Massage

Magnetism . sound . energy

Sound massages

It provides well-being through the resonance of Tibetan singing bowls associated with magnetism and lithotherapy (well-being by stones and minerals). Both gentle and powerful tools, singing bowls act on our bodies through their vibrations, they contribute to our internal balance and help us release tension



1h30mn session

Both for relaxation (in times of stress, exams, difficult menstruation…) or for a more in-depth accompaniment (emotional unblocking, release of body memories…).

Magnetism and the use of stones (lithotherapy) complement the benefits of singing bowls. We will gradually find our inner wisdom, physical and mental calm.

What we call “magnetism” is a capture of energy transmitted by laying on of hands on the body or at a distance. This energy called “Prâna” in India or “Qi” in China constitutes the basis of all that exists around us and within us. This energy acts on the physical and subtle bodies by restoring the circulation of our energy.